The Long Fall from Grace


Craig Petree was a police officer for twenty-six years in California, now retired. He has been married for thirty-one years, and he and his wife have two grown children.

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America, once the shining city on a hill, the world’s watchdog, created on the foundation of freedom, is on the verge of collapse. Politicians seeking a modern Utopia have led us down this path. The more time these men and women have spent in office the more they have brought America closer to the brink. Seduced by wealth and power, they have forgotten the tenants of the “Land of the Free.” They watch as the country falls to pieces, and it all begins with the housing market.

How does the American dream of owning a home become a nightmare? Banks give away too much money. A domino effect brings down the stock market, and soon the country is in crisis. Few citizens, politicians included, understand the ramifications, until it is much too late—until the country is on the cliff’s edge, ready to fall.

Three men in California know something is coming, but are helpless to fight a monster so big. Dexter Chance, adopted as a small child, has had his entire life engineered by a shadow group who want him elected president. Captain Alexander Stride leads America’s final battle in Afghanistan. And finally, Police Sergeant John Carter fights to find a safe house for his family as his beloved country crumbles around them. Will these men survive the fallout, or like America, will they too be destroyed in the epic fall of 2014?


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