Yo Si Puedo! Yes I Can!: Spanish Language Concepts for Law Enforcement


Steve Gaenzle began his career with the County Sheriff’s Office in El Paso, Texas, where the ability to speak Spanish was crucial. In addition to his work as a Spanish instructor, Steve has been a field supervisor, a field training officer, an undercover detective assigned to the FBI Federal Fugitive Task Force, and a lead homicide detective in a major crimes unit.

Jorge Charry has served in the military for twenty years. A native Spanish speaker, he is a court-certified interpreter and helps develop community programs that provide Spanish instruction to the law enforcement community. Jorge specializes in Spanish slang and border Calo.

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Over the past two decades, the number of Spanish-speaking people within the United States has grown tremendously. For today’s police officers, dispatchers, EMTs, and firefighters, this means that a working knowledge of the language is essential: in an emergency situation, there may not be time to find a translator!¡Yo Si Puedo! Yes I Can! is tailor-made for law enforcement professionals, with . . .

  • Words and phrases used specifically in fieldwork and investigations
  • Easy instructions on how to pronounce any Spanish word
  • Basic Spanish grammar
  • A thorough explanation of how Spanish verbs work, and conjugation shortcuts
  • An overview of certain aspects of Latino culture, including the family unit, the dynamics of machismo, and celebrations

If you wish to communicate more effectively with the people you serve, you will find ¡Yo Si Puedo! Yes I Can! to be an invaluable resource.


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