Alimony’s Treasure


After retiring from a successful career as a front-chair litigator, Michael W. Hinkle turned his focus to travel, study, and writing from his rustic bayou cabin on a picturesque Oklahoma lake. In addition to writing Alimony’s Treasure and the award-winning Butane Gospel, he’s authored articles in numerous online magazines, and his work appears in the anthology Oklahoma: Fountain of the Heartland. His “Hey Hink” column ran for six years as a weekly feature in the Edmond Sun.

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Dale Hopper isn’t what you’d call ambitious. When he accepts a gig with the Oklahoma County Zoo, his only goal is to make enough money to bankroll a move to California, a hospitable place for longhaired guitar-playing boys such as himself and his best friend, Vernon Cord. But the accidental discovery of a boot with a gold buckle draws them into a clandestine search for Alimony’s treasure, a hoard of Viking silver rumored to be buried somewhere on the grounds of the zoo.

The hunt takes a deadly turn when Hopper and Cord stumble into the hub of an international black-market trade in exotic reptiles. At its heart lurks Ollie Oleg, a ruthless killer willing to do anything to protect his empire. Now the friends must unravel the riddle of the lost treasure — and avoid becoming reptile food — while keeping their bounty out of Oleg’s hands.


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