Domains of Decision Management: Management Innovation for Higher-Quality Decisions


Dr. James E. Moffett, Sr. has a penchant for leadership and management research. Twenty-two years in the military stressed that high-quality leadership and management were necessities. His education includes a BS in Science Education; an MS in Contract and Acquisition Management; a year of specialized training with the Boeing Company in Information Systems Management; and a doctorate in Management in Organizational Leadership. He is currently an adjunct management instructor at Wayland Baptist University.

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Many factors cause decision blunders in management, including time constraints, financial egoism, bounded rationality, industry competition, garbage-can thinking, a paradox of choice, governance failures, and groupthink.

In Domains of Decision Management, author James E. Moffett, Sr., teaches readers to avoid these common pitfalls through his ground-breaking decision process known as DDM (Domains of Decision Management). Written in plain language that all levels of management can benefit from, DDM is a prescriptive approach, complete with structured steps, a repetitive process, and objective and subjective components. Learning this process will help you make more beneficial decisions in all areas of management — even the infrequent, non-programmed, and novel issues that arise.


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