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Ron Dull

Other works by Ron Dull include: Mount Bellew: A Season of Hope, Sea Story, and Climbin’ Fences.

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The Finns had a name for it: tuntaria. It meant a barren land, one which to them was frozen and devoid of life.

Look deeper the voices of the inutshuks whispered mysteriously, find the way.

When two adolescence boys accompany their fathers into the desolate wilderness of the Canadian tundra, they enter the extraordinary land of the native Inuit whose values of life, death, and community define a home much unlike their own. Their lives are molded forever by the rough, no-nonsense men they meet, the beautiful animals they hunt, the proximity of disaster at every turn, and the hypnotic dance of the Northern Lights.

We all search for our own destiny. We question our legacy and ironically often find final salvation and our individual God sitting quietly by the side of the road, patiently waiting for us to Go With on a journey of personal discovery which is not to be missed.


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