Arnoldo Menjivar is an Arizona native who grew up influenced by pop culture, comedy, and film. When he and his wife had their first child, Arnoldo carried on a family tradition and told stories to his daughter—elaborated to fiction for the amusement of his audience. Rather than keeping these stories among his family, Arnoldo decided to share them in writing. Sunnyslope is the first of six books Arnoldo is working on. His second book will be titled The Family Recipe.

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Dave is a nineteen-year-old helpless romantic who fantasizes about landing the girl of his dreams. As his plans fail, he finds himself in jail facing a felony and must head home to Sunnyslope. Dreading being back, Dave is approached by an old friend who attempts to convince him to stay and join a gang. Desperate to avoid gang affiliation, Dave takes a job offered by an incarcerated individual. Will he ever get free from the curse of Sunnyslope? Or is his redemption connected to the very thing he’s trying to run away from?


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