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31 October, 2013

Find new readers for your book by offering an Author Phone Chat

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Want to meet your readers?

Offer an opportunity to have a phone chat.

Phone chats can be as simple as using a speaker phone within a group setting or creating a virtual phone chat by using a teleconference service like

Both methods offer a way for readers and authors to get together.

Six simple steps to set up your first phone chat:

1. Decide what book or books you will discuss during the phone chat.

2. Select the length of time you will be available for the chat. 30 minutes seems to be a time that works for many authors and readers alike, but you can adapt to what suits you and your readers best.

3. Create a separate web page about the chat opportunity. You can let readers know what times and dates are available for you to participate, or you can simply include a form or other contact information for them to get […]

8 October, 2013

Word of mouth begins with a listening ear

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Looking for a better way to sell books?

Not comfortable with standing on a street corner and waving your latest edition in the air?

How about doing something that authors forget to do?

It works perfectly for the introverted author who’s more comfortable listening than speaking. In fact, that is what the way is. Listen your way to selling more books.

You see, most people would rather have someone listen to them than listen to someone else.

Wouldn’t you like someone to listen to you? Really and truly listen?

In this day of mass communication and social media overdose, many people are overwhelmed with tons of words being thrown at them from every direction. Everything is coming in mega doses. Email boxes overflow, Facebook contacts pop in from every corner of cyberspace, and Twitter, text and instant messages multiply faster than the national debt. Who’s listening?

If you give some quality listening time to your readers, you […]

4 October, 2013

Create an audio excerpt of your book for more book sales

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Here’s a great way to get new visitors to your site to read your book: Let them hear an audio excerpt!

An audio excerpt from your book is simply another medium that your potential audience can consume. Why not let them have it?

Many bestselling authors offer at least one audio presentation of their books. While you may not want to create a complete audio version of your book, adding the first chapter or pages of your book in audio form is easy to do.

Here’s an audio excerpt from The Murder of Roger Ackroyd by Agatha Christie.

If you have a blog website, it can be as easy as creating a separate page and adding media to it in the form of an mp3 audio clip.

How do you get the audio clip?

The process is fairly simple. (Or at least it can be as simple or as complicated as you want […]

24 September, 2013

Paid book reviews by Publishers Weekly: A dangerous place for self-publishers?

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Getting book reviews for your book is one of the prime ways for authors, old and new, to sell more books. Unfortunately, the stigma of self-publishing, though rapidly disappearing, is still a factor to be dealt with in seeking the more established book review channels.

Publishers Weekly has a program called PW Select that is open to self-published books. It comes with a catch though. And, a price tag.

For $149, you can enter your self-published book and get a possible review. They state that approximately one out of every four books is reviewed in their magazine. Now for a regular, mainline, published book getting a book review by Publishers Weekly is usually a good thing. Even with a poor review a sentence, or even a part of a sentence, can be found redeeming and be put to good use.

The fact that Publishers Weekly has broad-mindedly opened their book reviewing doors to […]

19 September, 2013

Create an easy feedback form for your author website

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One way to interact with your audience is to have a form to get feedback or receive input for special events. With a form, you can ask for book reviews, endorsements, or submissions for a book contest.

Putting up a form can be done in a myriad of different ways. One of the easiest is to use a simple, free online tool such as JotForm. With this tool, you can put up a form on your site in a few minutes. It’s a simple drop and drag tool that creates forms as simple or complicated as you like. You get 100 free submissions a month. In most cases this will be all you need unless your site is wildly popular.

The site has over 3,000 form templates. You can find one for almost anything that you can think of such as story submission forms, sharing feedback, or even ask […]

8 August, 2013

5 tips for password protection as you build your author platform

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Is your website safely protected for your quick rise to fame and fortune?

As an author, it may come faster than you think. One way to prepare for it now is to safely password-protect your website and other web properties.

Whether you are on Facebook, Twitter, or have your website and or blog, making sure that your content is kept as safe as possible is worth taking a few moments to do.

Creating tough passwords is your first wall of defense. Just as it is no longer safe to leave the keys in your car when you park on a busy street, it is no longer safe to assume that no one will steal your identity, information, or use your email for spamming purposes.

Often people will create a password that is easy to remember or has some relationship to what their site is about. While this certainly […]

8 August, 2013

16 Bookstore Review Sites

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Looking to get great book reviews for your book? Here’s an idea that may at first seem counterproductive but actually may jumpstart your own book review process.

What’s the idea?

It’s based on the age-old biblical maxim, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

Which means while waiting for those five-tar book reviews to come in for your own books, start writing reviews for others.

Writing book reviews is a good way to stay connected with books in your genre, assess your competition,and even help you to craft writing ideas for composing your book releases and sharing information about your books on your blog.

As you write a book release, you will find yourself thinking critically about why you like one type of writing over another. What makes the book stand out? How can you creatively write selling copy for your own material?

Some authors used book reviews to link back to […]

30 July, 2013

9 places to share a business card about your book

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A low-cost way to promote your new book is with a business card. You can print them yourselves at home or professionally for as little as $10.00 for a hundred or more cards.

Most typical business cards are about two by three inches. These are small enough to slip a couple into a pocket, wallet, or bag. Because they’re so small it is easy to have one with you at all times whereas carrying a hard copy of your book is definitely not.

1. If your book is available digitally, you can share download information on your card. Include a sentence or two about the book, awards won and even a winning testimony about your book.

2. You can share your cards with family and friends and ask them to help you in getting the word out.

3. You can leave a business card in a magazine at the doctor’s office like a bookmark. […]

17 July, 2013

Ten ways to find top markets for your book

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Finding the best market for a book is a challenge for every author. Below is a list of ten ways to find markets for your book.

1. Identify three categories of book genre for your book. For instance, fiction books can be broken down into age group, type, such as romance, mystery, thriller, audience, location, etc. Nonfiction books can be categorized as business, finance, science, history, etc. Each of these categories will have subcategories that will narrow your audience and offer best marketing positioning.

2. Go to and look up each of these categories and note the most popular books. Go to the website of each author and look for leads that will show you where they are promoting their books. For instance, websites they have featured guest posts on, articles from magazines, newspapers they are reviewed in, etc.

3. Look on their website for places they make public appearances, such as […]

27 June, 2013

Do you need an editor?

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The biggest trap that most self-published authors fall into is believing there book is good enough if they write it once, have a few friends check it over and send it out.

The truth is that writers do not see their own mistakes.

It’s like looking in a mirror and thinking that the one-dimensional reflection is how we really look to other people.

Besides seeing ourselves in only one dimension we unconsciously put on a good face before that bit of glass. A pleasant expression. A smile. Do we see the frown, snarl, or grimace we make when someone cuts in front of us?

As a writer, you know what you want to say. That knowledge can get in the way of sharing what we want to say completely.

Remember the old kid’s game of Pass the Secret? You tell the person next to you a sentence about something. She repeats it to the next […]


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