12 December, 2013

Christmas Publicity – Don’t knock it!

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You may think it’s not ethical to do something “nice” and make money off of it at the same time. But if you had a choice between creating publicity through a nice project and simply creating some publicity, you’d probably choose the nice project every time.

The news is full of media darlings doing anything possible to get a little camera coverage. Instead of yelling and getting drunk or married or divorced in order to get attention, how about doing something nice?

WestJet Airlines created a bit of Christmas cheer with its latest publicity video. The airline asked 100 people on two different flights what they wanted for Christmas as they boarded the plane. Then the WestJet “elves” went into action to buy and wrap the gifts and fliers received them at baggage claim when they landed. The whole video is about six minutes, which is long for an […]

23 November, 2013

Setting the proper price point for your book

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As an author, you want to receive a fair price for your book. You’ve put in hours of hard work to get to the publication stage, and now that the book is ready, you must figure out the best price point for selling.

There is no hard and fast rule, but a good starting point is to research the prices of similar books on Amazon and in bookstores. Overpricing your book can be disastrous, but underpricing has its downfalls as well. Oftentimes publishers will put a printed price on the book cover, knowing that they plan to offer a discount for most of its selling history.

If you want your book to be sold in bookstores, pricing it too low may discourage bookstores from stocking it. Bookstores are interested in making a profit and if that profit is in pennies and nickels, then they are not going to bother with ordering your […]

16 November, 2013

Use this free Google tool to improve your website loading time

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Amazon did some tests a while back and found that removing seconds from the load time of a web page resulted in more sales.

If your site is slow to load, a lot of visitors simply will not bother to wait. That means all your efforts of writing great blog posts, offering a free download and showcasing everything you have to offer are wasted.

You may not notice how slow your website loads because your computer caches images from previous visits, but a first time visitor will have to wait the full loading time.

Check out your website speed with a free tool from Google. PageSpeed Insights.

Start by checking your home page and other landing pages on your website.

Images take up the most bandwidth on your site but are the easiest to fix in increasing your site’s load time. Are you guilty of any of these three problems?

1. Too many images per […]

5 November, 2013

Writing for the Christian fiction market

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How do Christian fiction books differ from your straight, run-of-the-mill fiction books?

Here are characteristics of most Christian fiction books:

1. An element of faith inspires the main character’s decisions throughout the story.

2. A sparing but appropriate use of Bible quotes — usually two or three that fit the story.

3. Evil exists in the story, but there are no graphic descriptions of sex, murder, and other deviant behaviors.

4. The ending leaves one feeling encouraged and trusting that life will work out for the better.

5. Language is clean with no swearing or violent words. For instance, a character might be described as “swearing a blue streak,” but the actual cursing words are left out.

Don’t be misled into thinking that because the book has a Christian or faith element you can get away with half-baked writing. Christian readers are as critical as other readers in wanting good plots, well-crafted story structure, and believable dialogue. […]

4 November, 2013

Can’t figure out social media and don’t want to? Sell books the old-fashioned way

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It may seem like the only way to sell a lot of books is to use social media. There is texting, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and a thousand other social programs with a new one launching every week.  Should you use each one or select just one?  Or, is it possible to sell books the old-fashioned way with simple word of mouth?

Granted social media is an integral part of communication today, I am here to say there is still a place for word-of-mouth communication.  Calling someone on the phone and sharing about your book may seem like an ancient process used by authors who lived in the pre-digital era, but a one-on-one conversation can still have some amazing results.

There is something to be said for a conversation between two people that is not immediately broadcast around the globe.There is something valuable in a conversation that goes no further than the moment […]

1 November, 2013

13 reasons you should add a guestbook page to your Author website

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Are you looking for a fast and easy way to connect with your readers?  Don’t have time or the desire to keep up a blog? Here is an easy fix: provide a guestbook.

A guestbook is basically a page on your website on which readers can leave comments. All comments are then found in one place on your site. This is great for first time visitors to get a feel of your writing, your following and, best of all, for them to find out that other people love your book(s).

While it’s great to blog regularly and get comments on your posts, sometimes getting those comments is difficult for new bloggers. A few comments spread out over 15 or 20 posts can seem pretty sparse, but if you put all those comments in one place, you have instant reader appeal.

Here are 13 reasons why a guestbook should be next on your “To […]

31 October, 2013

Find new readers for your book by offering an Author Phone Chat

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Want to meet your readers?

Offer an opportunity to have a phone chat.

Phone chats can be as simple as using a speaker phone within a group setting or creating a virtual phone chat by using a teleconference service like

Both methods offer a way for readers and authors to get together.

Six simple steps to set up your first phone chat:

1. Decide what book or books you will discuss during the phone chat.

2. Select the length of time you will be available for the chat. 30 minutes seems to be a time that works for many authors and readers alike, but you can adapt to what suits you and your readers best.

3. Create a separate web page about the chat opportunity. You can let readers know what times and dates are available for you to participate, or you can simply include a form or other contact information for them to get […]

20 October, 2013

Ten jet-propelled ways to ignite more sales from one book review

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Just starting out? Have one review but feel that you need a hundred more before your book will take off? Fear not. Here are ten ways you can spin that one small review into ten fantastic book promotions:

1.  Put the review on your website. If it’s short, include it on the sidebar. If it’s longer, put an excerpt on the sidebar and the full review on an inner page.

2. Include a snippet of the review in your email signature. This is an easy way to get a lot of mileage every day with no extra effort.

3. Use a sentence or two of the review on the back cover of your book. Easy to do if your book is in digital form or you are using POD (Print on Demand). If you have hard copies, print stickers on gold foil and add them to the copies.

4.  Include a reference to […]

19 October, 2013

Why authors should have 3 to 4 business cards to maximize book sales

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How many business cards should you have?

A good estimate for an author is four.

That may seem like a lot, but there are several reasons why having more than one business card to support your writing is a good thing.

Many writers wear different hats. Whether they write fiction or nonfiction, they can have different areas of expertise. A good way to gain an interview, speaking assignment, or book promotion is to address each area individually with a different business card.

There is never just one way to sell a book. While some ways will work better than others, it doesn’t make sense to leave books on different tables, hoping the right audience will find them. Having a variety of business cards allows you to promote yourself as an expert in a subject to a particular audience.

For instance, if you want to sell books during a business conference, a card that merely states […]

15 October, 2013

Too much competition for your book?

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It used to be quite easy for someone to start a small business in a small town and make a success of it. Granted there weren’t ten million customers available for whatever they did, but there was a small group of people that were available and these people would stop by and give the new shop a try. Or at least take a peek in the window. After all, there wasn’t that much going on in the small town and you were something to look at.

Today with the Internet, every business is toted to be available to a millions of people all at once.

It’s true. It’s amazing. Millions of people.

But there’s a catch!

Just because your online business is available to millions of people doesn’t mean millions of people are going to take a look.

In fact, maybe none of them will.

There’s nothing wrong with your business perhaps, but your business itself […]


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