16 May, 2013

How to grow your author fan club

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Behind every successful author is a dedicated group of fans. Let’s call it your author fan club.

This club may not include card-carrying membership with dues, name tags, or annual parties, but it does exist in some form or other. As an author, you need a faithful group of followers to ignite your book sales, show up at your events, and promote by word of mouth everything that comes off the press.

I do realize that when you start out, this fan club consists of your closest family members. They do come to your events, don’t they? No matter how small a fan club you have, the truth is, you do have one, and your task is to make it grow.

The easiest way to get started is to start collecting email addresses from your author website.

Of course, all that is much easier said than done.

Collecting email addresses from casual website visitors with […]

4 May, 2013

5 basic tweets for building your author platform

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Building your author platform is a daily exercise every author must commit to for a book’s success.

If Twitter is part of your social media routine, coming up with interesting and relevant tweets can be a chore. One way to make this task easy is to create a tweet subject list.

To get started, decide how many tweets a day you will do. Three to five is usually a good number to start with. Leaving it up to whatever happens happens usually means that nothing will happen. So get yourself a piece of paper and let’s get started building your author tweeting program.

For this example, I am going to help you plan for five tweets a day. You can shorten it if you like to three or four.

When tweeting, a good practice is to offer tips, links, and interesting news items that will be of interest to your followers. Obviously, you want […]

1 May, 2013

How to build a Pinterest research board for your book

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Whether your book is fiction or nonfiction, you can use Pinterest to create a better book by creating research boards.

What is a “research board”?

Basically, it is a board or series of boards that have images that link to anything related to your book. Take a look at these amazing research boards created by Alexa Chipman who writes young adult fantasy and science fiction.

You can create a board that takes place in the area your book focuses on: a state, city, park, or building.

Create separate boards for different categories of your book, such as: book cover ideas, characters, food, clothes, time period, places, spaces, weather, history, events, and anything else that will get you into the creative mood for writing your book.

For instance, let’s say you’re writing a mystery story that takes place in Corvallis, Oregon. Create a new board called “Corvallis, Oregon.” Now you can pin images, […]

11 April, 2013

How to use hashtags to find your first 100 twitter followers

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Today we’ll look at how you as an author can use hashtags in your tweets in order to attract followers for your Twitter author profile.

Here’s the basic information to compose your first #hashtag tweet.

Use the hashtag # symbol before a word you want to target. This will enter your tweet into a conversation based on that thread. Don’t put a space between the symbol and your keyword or between words in a phrase:

#mickeymouse #donaldduck #baby #author #bookmarketing

For this exercise, we’re going to use a fictional author named Arthur J. Author, who wants to build a Twitter platform to sell his new book, Frugal Retirement.

He has just started his Twitter account and has zero followers. He knows his target audience is over 60 and worried about money.

He has come up with a word list that he thinks will connect with his target audience: retirement, senior, senior living, frugal, budget, retirement savings, […]

10 April, 2013

How authors can effectively use Twitter hashtags for writing research

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Twitter is about making connections in short, snappy bits of conversation. You have 140 characters for each message, which includes text, hashtags (#), private connections (@), links, and photos.

In this post we’ll discuss how to use hashtags in a search to find new contacts, conversations, and information.

Twitter Search

Type in a word or phrase in the Twitter search bar and you will get a list of tweets matching what you have entered, e.g., candy, finances, weather.

Use that same word or phrase but add a hashtag (#) before the keyword or phrase and you get a greatly expanded list. This is because the actual tweet may not be using the keyword specifically in the text, but the author of the tweet thought it was relevant enough to that topic and inserted that keyword with a hashtag.

For instance if you type #scifi, #money, or #cat into a Twitter search bar you will be […]

18 March, 2013

How to get book reviews for a self-published book

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How important are book reviews for new authors?

The best way to sell books is by word of mouth. The primary way to get that word of mouth rolling is to get your book reviewed.

The more important the book reviewer is the greater exposure your book will have. A book reviewed in the New York Times is going to outperform a book review on a small book blog with 200 readers.

Does this mean you should ignore the small ponds and fish for reviews only in the big ones? Not necessarily. If you are a new author, getting your foot in the door of book reviewers of any size might be well worth your while.

Ten reviews from small-sized bloggers will give you exposure to new readers that would otherwise never find your book. Keep adding to the pot and you will slowly build up your readership. Every book review that is posted […]

15 March, 2013

Do you have what it takes to be a self-publishing success?

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Deborah L. Jacobs outlined her path to self-publishing success on Forbes in July of last year. It’s a three-page online article that gets into the nitty-gritty, practical details of doing it all yourself. In the comment section, she replies to one reader with this insight. “While I was in the throes of it I used to tell people, ‘It’s not a learning curve—it’s a learning mountain.’”

Deborah’s book, Estate Planning Smarts, is a bestselling book about estate planning for baby boomers and their parents. The mountain that she had to climb for success is daunting. It would scare off most faint-hearted authors with rose-colored dreams in the first paragraph. She states candidly that, “For more than one year after self-publishing my book, Estate Planning Smarts, promoting it was practically my full-time job.”

If you read the article she wrote for Forbes magazine, How My Book Became […]

13 March, 2013

7 easy ways to market Christian fiction

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Seventy-six per cent of the population in the United States is Christian. Of this, studies show that about 25 million actually buy Christian-themed products. That’s a pretty big number to make a connection with.

Granted not all who profess to be Christians actually want to read Christian fiction, but there’s certainly enough of a market for any Christian author.

The pathway for marketing a Christian novel will be to place your book in the places where readers are looking for books. Here are seven tips to help you get started.

1. Make sure that the phrase “Christian Fiction” is on the back cover of your book, so it will be categorized correctly in bookstores and easily discerned by readers. Don’t make the mistake of trying to appeal to everyone. A reader who doesn’t like Christian-based novels will drop your book once he realizes it was written for a Christian audience. Likewise, a reader […]

10 March, 2013

6 reasons your self-published book will flop

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Last year over 200,000 million books were self-published. The average self-published book probably sold less than ten copies.

The reasons for a book not to make it are many. Most self-published books need much more time, energy and yes, money, put into them than the author expects. If you plan to self-publish, here are ten important factors that stop most self-published books from making it big.

1. Poor writing. You cannot be your own judge. Nor can you expect your mother, siblings, and best friends to give you honest feedback. Your best and honest feedback will come from readers who judge your writing by the book they hold in their hand. Offer your book for free or at a low price and pay attention to the feedback. If it’s bad, don’t despair. Keep writing. You will get better.

2. Little or poor editing. No one can catch their own mistakes. You are too […]

8 March, 2013

10 steps to developing your author brand

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What is author branding? Author branding is presenting yourself in such a way that when readers think of you they associate a feeling, a message, a book with you. A type of book, a style of writing that, like your fingerprint, is you. Even if you write in different genres, the essence of how you write will always be yours.

Today’s popular authors have a style of writing and message unique to them no matter what they write about. Their readers come to know, love, and trust their writing.

Have you ever fallen in love with a book and, immediately upon finishing it, wanted another one just like it? That’s the power of branding.

Developing your author brand is important if you want to sell a lot of books this year, more next year, and a lot more the year after that. Write each book and blog post with the goal of building […]


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